PowerMax DA4000MR Mobile Repeater

3-Watt 38dB Gain Dual-Band Wireless Cellular Amplifier/Repeater

2005 International CES Innovations Award Winner!The 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Award Winner!

Speak and be heard clearly on your cell phone without feeling tied down. By using Digital Antenna’s wireless PowerMax mobile repeater with your cell phone you’ll experience greater power, range and reliability. Digital Antenna has created the only wireless 3-watt mobile dual band amplifier/repeater in the world for use in boats, cars, RV’s, homes, and offices. Superior performance and outstanding range—unequaled in the industry—can now be yours!


Stay Connected . . . Wirelessly!

Increased signal strength and excellent reception are now available without a physical connection to your cell phone. How does this work? An outside antenna receives the signal from the cell tower, the signal is amplified by the DA4000MR unit and repeated to your cell phone through the inside antenna. This technology even allows clean and clear wireless functioning of multiple cell phones operating on 800 and 1900 MHz bands simultaneously (coverage area up to 1,000 square feet, or one room, or one standard car interior*). This translates into fewer dropped calls, clear and strong connections and excellent range. Your guests will love you for boosting the signal of their cell phones!

* Inside antenna must be visibly and centrally located to inside coverage area. The DA4000MR is designed for one-room coverage area based upon outside signal strength. For greater inside coverage area, see model DA4000SBR.

Complete Systems are Easy to Install Whether you’re installing the PowerMax DA4000MR in your boat, car, RV, home or office, complete systems are easy to install and include both inside and outside antennas. This innovative design offers patent pending Dynamic Variable Gain control and amplification of transmit and receive signals. The DA4000MR is the only FCC approved amplifier/repeater for use with all cell carriers in the USA and Canada. Nextel users see model DA4000N.

DA4000MR can be used with all 800 & 1900 MHz digital cell phones & tri-mode phones operating on CDMA, TDMA, PCS, GSM850/1900, GPRS and AMPS.

DA4KMR-30U - For Boats, RV, Home, Office

System Includes:

* Requires a minimum separation distance of 20’ and a wall/roof/bulkhead structure between inside and outside antennas (also see model DA4000, which requires no antenna separation).