Sea Recovery AQUA MATIC

Aqua Matic Watermaker

Recommended for all boats and yachts as well as unattended continual land-based operations. Aqua Matic is available in compact or modular styles.

Sea Recovery's new Aqua Matic (patent pending) is the only watermaker in the industry that can be fully operated with a single touch. It virtually eliminates the need for an operator. The Aqua Matic High Pressure Radial Axial Plunger Pump is engineered for 8,000 hours of operation before any maintenance is required. It is water lubricated, so no oil changes are necessary. For those who demand excellence, automation, elite technology, and low maintenance, the Aqua Matic is the only option. The Aqua Matic produces from 450 to 1,800 U.S. gallons (1,703 to 6,814 liters) per day or 19 to 75 U.S. gallons (71 to 284 liters) per hour of fresh, pure water.

Aqua Matic Compact

The Aqua Matic Compact is a horizontal one-piece frame configuration with external Booster Pump and Sea Strainer…for ease of installation into tight spaces. All components within the frame are readily accessible for ease of maintenance.

Aqua Matic Modular

The Aqua Matic Modular is designed for separate system component placement if there is insufficient space for the Compact style.

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