Aqua Whisper water makers

Recommended for mid to large size yachts as well as for intermittent use on small-land based installations. Available in compact and modular styles.

Aqua Whisper watermakers feature semi-automatic operation with a touch pad control panel, which allows simple touch-and-go operation. The touch pad provides ten illuminated LED status indication lamps of the system operation, which can also be viewed and managed with the optional touch pad remote from anywhere on the boat. These reliable, powerful watermakers can be installed in a wide range of locations onboard from spaces under berths and settees to closets and engine room compartments. Aqua Whisper produces from 450 to 1,800 U.S. gallons (1,703 to 6,814 liters) per day or 19 to 75 U.S. gallons (71 to 284 liters) per hour of fresh, pure water.

Aqua Whisper Compact

The Aqua Whisper Compact is a horizontal one-piece frame configuration with external Booster Pump and Sea Strainer designed for easy installation into tight spaces. All components within the frame are readily accessible for ease of maintenance.

Aqua Whisper Modular

The Aqua Whisper Modular is designed for separate system component placement if there is insufficient space for the Compact model.

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