Smart Radio VHF Antenna Splitter

The Smart Radio VHF Antenna Splitter allows you to safely share a single antenna between an AIS receiver and a VHF radio that is used for both receiving and transmitting. This active splitter will automatically isolate the antenna connection to the AIS receiver if a transmission from the VHF radio is detected on the same antenna.

An automatic antenna splitter is a great solution for situations in which it is not possible to have a dedicated VHF antenna for the AIS receiver. It is also a good solution for sailing vessels that only have one VHF antenna mounted at the top of the mast, which is an optimum siting for maximum range.

This splitter is very easy to install and use. Here's a typical procedure when adding to an existing VHF radio installation:

  1. Attach the VHF Splitter's DC hookup wires to the same 12-volt DC source used for the VHF radio.
  2. Plug the VHF Splitter's AIS antenna cable into an AIS receiver.
  3. Unplug the VHF antenna cable from the VHF radio and plug it into the VHF Splitter.
  4. Plug the VHF Splitter's antenna pigtail into the VHF radio.

It's that easy! Simply turn the power on and use your VHF radio and AIS receiver without the worry of potential damage to the AIS receiver while broadcasts are made on the VHF radio. The VHF Antenna Splitter allows you to optimize the coverage of your VHF-based radio equipment since both devices can use a single antenna that is placed at the highest position on your vessel. The VHF splitter also works with combined antenna systems that support VHF/GSM or VHF/FM radio.

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